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Why Buyers Use Brett Fine

1. I have time to research the residential housing market.

2. I have the knowledge to integrate and understand the information available to me.

3. I have over seven sources of new housing inventory that the other agents do not have.

4. I integrate the information available on the real estate internet sites into useful data that can help accomplish the goal of home ownership.

5. I have the experience to negotiate better.

6. I have the ability to find a qualified home inspector and determine the repairs that should be negotiated for.

7. I have the team to research the home loan programs available in the market.

8. I have the knowledge to confirm loan officer information.

9. I have the hardware, software, and expertise to target market, if necessary, for the type of property that I am looking for.

10. I know the zoning regulations and building codes pertaining to residential real estate in the area that I am interested.

11. I beat the list to sell ratio by over 2%, thus saving my clients thousands of dollars.

12. I have a guaranteed service.

13. I return phone calls.

14. I always under-promise and over-deliver.